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When homeowners want to landscape their lawns, sod is a better choice than natural grass seeds. Sod is an excellent alternative to grass seeds. You can also get results almost immediately with less effort.

With sod, a lawn of average size can usually be laid in a matter of hours. The lawn will be ready for use in a matter of weeks. It takes natural seeds several months to mature before the grass can be used.

Another reason to choose sod over natural grass is the way they were grown. Pros make sure that sod is properly cultivated in top soil and is regularly watered.

These steps are necessary to establish the root structure of grasses. This allows for healthier grass. Sod can be laid as long as it does not freeze. However, natural grass seed can only be planted within a few weeks, depending on the type of climate.

After the grass is laid, many homeowners will need to apply a lot of weed killer and fertilizer. This is done to prevent crabgrass and other weeds from taking over the newly sprouted grass. To avoid chemical exposure, the homeowner should ensure that children under five are not allowed to play on the lawn.

Sod is much more attractive than natural grass. To prevent weeds from sprouting and germinating, sod farms keep their sod in close proximity.

Natural grass seeds spread too close together can lead to bare spots that need to be reseeded. These bare spots can trap dirt or mud in the house.

These are just a few of the important things homeowners need to consider when choosing grass for their lawn.

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