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We may be closer to the end of the season as the weather cools.

Instead of just shoveling your lawn mower in the back corner or shed of your garage when it freezes, do some preemptive work to make sure it’s ready for spring.

Winterizing your lawnmower is an important part of lawn maintenance during winter.

Winterizing Your Lawn Mower: Gas Edition

It is essential to drain the gas from a gas mower. Because the alcohol in the fuel can cause the rubber and plastic parts to be dissolved. Fuel could attract moisture which can corrode metal parts. It can also block the carburetor.

You can store the gas as long as you have added a fuel preserver. You should use it quickly if you don’t want the fuel preservative to separate from the ethanol and cause the chemical components to degrade. It is worth adding to the gas tank of your car.

You could also use it in your snowblower. After the fuel has been removed from your mower, you can run it for a while. You will burn any fuel left. Spray oil in the cylinder, and then pull the handle a few more times to ensure that the oil is evenly distributed.

You might consider replacing the spark plug and checking the filters to make sure they are clean or new. Also, make sure to check the oil level and determine if it is necessary to change it.

Spray lubricant with quality on all pivot and cable-movement points.

These are the basics of winterizing your lawn mower.

Winterizing Your Lawn Mower: The Battery-Powered Edition

Remove the battery from a battery-powered mower before you store it for winter.

No matter if you use an electric or gas mower, you should clean it thoroughly before storing it. This includes using a wire brush for reaching all the corners and crevices under the deck.

It is a good idea for winterizing your lawn mower to inspect for loose screws and damaged lines.

Before you put the blade back on, remove it and sharpen it .

To prevent any nesting rodents, you might consider adding some mothballs to the engine. You can ensure your mower is ready for spring by taking a few simple steps in the fall.

Additional Lawncare

It is important to prepare your lawn for winter, in addition to winterizing your mower. It takes more than just caring for your lawn mower to grow a beautiful, green lawn in spring.

You can ensure a healthy lawn by caring for it well. This includes annual fertilizing, over-seeding and aerating.

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