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After the turf is placed on the soil, water it within 30 minutes. You should water the turf every 2-3cm. It is important to water the turf every 2-3 cm. The soil should have a height of 7-10 cm. The soil should be 3-4 inches below its surface.

Tip #1

Push a screwdriver and other sharp tools into the soil. The tool should have the ability to retain and push in moisture for between 7-10 cm. To make the tool function (3-4 inches), water may be required.

Tip #2

You can water your lawn using any method, but make sure that it reaches all areas.

Sprinklers can miss corners and edges and dry lawns less quickly than the middle. A few areas close to buildings might dry out faster due to heat reflection and may need more water.

Tip #3

Some soils may see runoff, especially if they aren’t adequately moist. Turning off water supply to runoff zones can help you save water and ensure soak in. You can return to the same area after waiting for 30 minutes to an hour.

The soil below the turf should be kept moist for two weeks. This can be achieved by watering it more often or daily. If it is hot, dry, or windy, you will need more water and to apply more pressure.

Tip #4

You will find it difficult or impossible to pull back corners as the turf roots in the soil. Tip #1 – To test the soil’s moisture, push a pointed tool through the turf.

Tip #5

You can maximize the benefits from normal grass growth cycles by getting water as soon as possible in the morning. High-temperature evaporated waters result in lower wind speeds, and less water loss.

Tip #6

You can cool the turf surface by lightly spraying it (syringeing) if it is too hot or too cold.

Regular, deep watering is required. A little water will not suffice to water your plants. This is especially important when it is severe weather.

The lawns will continue to thrive even with less than one inch of water daily for the rest of the growing seasons. This water can be obtained from rain or applied water.

If water is properly applied, the water will be enough to maintain the grass’s health.

Tip #7

Regular, frequent watering is more effective than frequent, superficial watering. Roots only can grow as deep and deep as the water source.

Deep roots give grass more soil water to absorb moisture. This will make it more resilient to heat and drought.

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