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It may not be spring yet, but it is still possible to tell by the weather. Everyone must start somewhere. It is great to have a neighbor with a green thumb or grandparent to pass along important information on sod laying, but many start their first sod project alone.

This doesn’t necessarily mean they or you need to be prepared.

Spring Sod Tips

  • Sod Choice – Choosing the right sod can make the difference between success, or failure. We offer a variety of sods which are carefully created with multiple grass varieties. These grass types thrive in cooler climates. You should ensure the grass is suitable for your environment.
  • Sod Watering-It doesn’t matter if it’s the rainy seasons, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop laying sod in Alabama or Florida. It’s vital that you keep an eye on how much water your sod receives. 
  • Rain gauges, which are less than 10 dollars, can tell you how many gallons per square inch your lawn has been receiving. It will need to be watered at least an inch per day, twice a daily for the first 2 weeks. You’ll be able to begin mowing the lawn and follow a more relaxed watering schedule in two days. The gauge will let you know when rainfall should be taken into consideration when watering.
  • Mowing- You can mow your grass once you’re able. But you need to do it correctly. While it might seem that a shorter mow will be easier, your grass will need to work harder to get the sunlight it requires. To ensure maximum root penetration, your new sod should be at least 3 inches tall. We recommend 4 inches. These deeper roots help to keep weeds away from your new sod.

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