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A sod lawn is a better choice than growing grass seed. Although sod is more expensive than grass seed upfront, the benefits of pre-grown grass far outweigh any extra cost.

Soft grass is the best surface for children and pets. You can relax or play, and grass is the best outdoor surface. A new green lawn can also make your home stand out in the neighbourhood.

Why Sod?

Sodding is the fastest way to create a lawn. Sod is mature after it has been grown into seed for a year. Professionally grown lawns will have fewer weeds and be more dense.

Your newly sodded yard can be used in three weeks if you take proper care. Seeding may initially be cheaper, but many costs will recur due erosion, reseeding and over-seeding. It can take up to three weeks for seeds to germinate. It takes time to grow a healthy, mature lawn from seed.

Less Irrigation

Sod is much easier to maintain than grass seed once it has been installed. Regular irrigation is necessary to ensure that the soil stays moist until it roots and establishes itself. However, the sod will not dry as quickly as the seeded area.

The sod needs to be watered twice per day for the first week after installation, compared to the four to six watering sessions required to maintain the soil moist for the seeds. The less frequent irrigation saves on water ad time when caring for the new grass.

Soil Protection

Sod is mature the moment it is planted and immediately stops erosion. Stabilization can be achieved by sodding on slopes and steep hills.

They filter dirt and dust out of your yard, and also help eliminate mud. Your lawn absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, keeping the air fresh and clean around your home.

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