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Lawns are commonplace throughout America, but the ways that we take care of them are not always as environmentally responsible as they could be. Thankfully, there are minor adjustments that you can make to grow and maintain an eco-friendly lawn. Here are some of our favorite tips for an eco-friendly lawn!

Incorporate Native Plants and Flowers

Native plants and flowers are those that thrive in the climate and area where you live. Many homeowners choose plants based on how they look and not on whether they will be easy to maintain. Because native plants are already adapted to your environment, it will lessen the need to use excess fertilizer or water to help them thrive.

Introduce Bugs To Your Yard

Many people hate bugs when they discover them inside the home, but they are fantastic to have outside in your yard. Many different bugs help fertilize flowers and plant life in your yard. Some insects can even make maintaining an eco-friendly lawn easier! For example, ladybugs can eat up to 5,000 aphids throughout their lives. That cuts down on how much effort you need to spend getting rid of pests like them.

Explore Natural Fertilizers

Fertilizer is often associated with harsh chemicals, but it does not have to be! There are many natural ways to introduce more nutrients into your soil and lawn, like compost. Compost is a natural and easy way to improve the ecosystem of your yard without spending a dime. In addition to using more natural fertilization methods, you should also avoid using harsh pesticides. Using large amounts of pesticides can backfire and eliminate not only ‘bad’ insects but also bees and bats that help the environment.

Don’t Mow Too Often

An eco-friendly lawn does not need to be overgrown. However, it should not be too short. Cutting the lawn too short will lead you to use more water and more fertilizer to maintain it. Alternatively, let your grass stay between 3-3.5 inches long.

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