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Sod is actually grass seed. However, it has been germinated and placed in thin soil. In a matter of hours, you can grow great grass.

Lawn sod can be described as a grass that is already established. This means your lawn will be free from pests, diseases, and weeds. Once your lawn is installed, the roots will bond with the soil, making it permanent, beautiful, healthy, and durable.

Benefits of using SOD

Lawns that use lawn sod offer many benefits.

  • Lawns can be walked up to four weeks after installation
  • To create a connection between the sod and traditional grass seed, you will need to use less water.
  • A lawn will look beautiful and be safe in its spot.
  • Your lawn will not need to be resown in order to ensure sufficient coverage.

It is fully mature soil when it is installed. It can be used to stabilize sloped areas and control erosion.

It immediately absorbs carbon dioxide from air and releases it. It filters out noises from noisy areas and business parks.

A solid foundation of sod grass will ensure a lawn that thrives and lasts many years.

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