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Gardeners can’t live in a dry environment. Your yard looks dead, boring, and barren. You can still have lush, beautiful grass with the help of sod or seed.

You can order sod to transplant turf already grown to your lawn. If you buy a bag, you are responsible for caring and planting the seed.

Which do you prefer? These are some important things to remember:


Sod is clearly more expensive than seed. It is not just the cost of the grass, but also the cost for someone else growing it.

You will need topsoil and fertilizer. Seed is a good choice if you are looking to save money.

Time commitment

Preparing the soil for seed or sod planting is essential. Rake the soil and add topsoil, compost or both.

Although this is a common method of planting seeds, it’s very different than planting sod.

Although sod can be costly, it is easy to install. It takes only one day to roll your sod and transform your dirt lawn into a lush green area.

Your lawn should be ready for planting in two weeks. Your lawn will stay healthy by receiving regular watering and fertilizing.

It takes patience to plant seeds. It takes time to plant seeds. It takes time to till, fertilize, and then spread the seeds.

The next step is to wait for the seed to grow. The growth time will depend on the type of grass. Fescue grass, for example, grows quickly. It takes just a few weeks for the seeds to germinate, and it takes four weeks for the grass to grow tall enough to be mowed.

Your grass will need to be watered as with sod. You can reseed areas that aren’t growing well.

Save time with sod.

Planting flexibility

Planting seeds in the fall is the best time. Some times of the year are not as good for grass seed planting.

You can plant sod any time of the year, but spring and autumn are better for sod’s rooting.

If you don’t want your grass growing in the off-season, then sod is a great choice.


Sod is better than seed because it will not leave you exposed to dirt, dust, and mud for many months.

It is more common than not to find weeds on seeded lawns. However, sod can become contaminated by weeds.


When you plant seeds, there are many kinds of grasses you can choose from. Each variety has its own unique characteristics. You can choose the best seed for your soil, or one that can grow in the shade. You can also choose to plant seed that is resistant to disease.

When sowing grass, you can only select from certain types. Certain grass varieties are not available in sod. If this is the case, it is best to choose seed.


Seed is stronger than sod because it has already gone through the growth process. Your seed may take some time to germinate. Rain can wash away your seed, so it is possible that you will need to replant. Sloped lawns are not suitable for seeding. There, sod can thrive.

Sod may not grow as strong over time, but seeds can. Seeds can be chosen that are suitable for your area, while sod is limited in its choices. Some seeds thrive in shade, while others are more difficult to grow in shady areas.

Seed cannot be transferred from one place to another, like sod. Therefore, it may develop a stronger root system than sod.

Which one should you choose?

Seed may be more adaptable than sod and might even be more durable than sod. It is also the most economical option.

However, sod is easier to plant and provides instant satisfaction. You are more likely to have a lawn that succeeds quickly than seeding which can be frustrating at times.

Even if you live in the desert, you can still have a lush lawn. You can start creating lush lawns by selecting the right seed.

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